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Wake Up For Breakfast

  • 7 Lessons
  • Over 2o minutes of video
  • Tasks and activities
  • Plant-Based recipes
  • Downloadable PDF


About Us

We create Online digital Courses and Lessons for Schools and Parents that Homeschool using only Plant-Based recipes.  We do Cookery Curriculum based Lessons and bespoke Courses.  Our goal is to accelerate teaching, learning and results and get more plant-based recipes in schools.

A Better way to Teach is Digital

Don’t have enough time to plan your Lessons?

Still using your break and lunch-times to tidy up?

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed at the end of a school day?

Well, this Digital Online Course solves all 3 problems.  It’s all done for you so you get your time back, and are relieved from stress and overwhelm.  Just press play and teach how you do. Pause it for discussions or a task and interact with your class as per usual. 

This Course is yours for £37 to keep forever to use over and over again in different Classes, whatever the age group.


What to Expect

  • Lesson 1: A ‘Typical’ Morning before Breakfast.
  • Lesson 2: Why Don’t Children Wake up for Breakfast? 
  • Lesson 3: Ideas and Solutions. 
  • Lesson 4: Breakfast Benefits 1
  • Lesson 5: Breakfast Benefits 2
  • Lesson 6: Technology & Lifestyles
  • Lesson 7: Some Recipe ideas to wake up to! 

Meet Your Teacher

Hi I’m Caroline, a Food and Nutrition teacher, head of my own department and was an examiner for AQA.  I spend most of my time creating Curriculum Content for schools and parents that Homeschool. I hope you will enjoy this Course and have great discussions with your students.  I would also like to get your feedback as I am always upgrading my work.

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