Wake up for Breakfast!


This project came about when I saw many of my students arrive to school looking sleepy and tired.  I became concerned and we discussed these issues in class.  They told me the main reason was that they didn’t have a healthy breakfast, so I took it upon myself to write a Project to encourage my students to eat healthy first thing in the morning and this became my first Online Course.  It’s not perfect, yet it’s a colourful resource to keep and use to teach about the benefits of eating a nutritious breakfast and have some great discussions with your classes!


Here are your Lessons . . .

Lesson 1: A typical morning before school & PDF Tasks

Lesson 2: Why some children don't wake up for breakfast & PDF Tasks

Lesson 3: Ideas and Solutions & PDF Tasks

Lesson 4: Breakfast Benefits part 1 & PDF Tasks

Lesson 5: Breakfast Benefits part 2 & PDF Tasks

Lesson 6: Technology and Social Lifestyles & PDF Tasks

Lesson 7: Vegan recipes to wake up to



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