Giving a compliment is free and easy!



Encourage your students with positive words, during and after your lessons.

Put a smile on their


For many children, attending school is very daunting and uncomfortable.  They may feel left out and over time can loose any motivation to even attend school.


Reasons include not feeling they are of any worth, certain teachers don’t notice them, they are not included, they feel invisible not to mention there may be some major issues going on at home, being bullied, current events in the world or just not having a good day.  These are horrible feelings for young children.  


Well, teachers know that giving a compliment can put a smile on their face.  It’s free and easy!

24 Praise and Positive Cards:


Improves their motivation


Boosts their confidence


It shows you noticed them


You put a smile on their faces!

How you can use them

These cards can be laminated to re-use over again, placed on your students desk during a lesson, or you can give them out at the end of class.  You can also paste it onto their classwork or in their Student Planner.  However you want to use them, they will help your students.


About The Teacher

Caroline has been a Food and Nutrition Teacher for over 15 years.  She improves teaching by creating Online Courses and resources.

Caroline Gayle

Curriculum Course Creator 

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