Home Economic teachers . . . No!

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Hello Food Teachers,  welcome back to Teachable Tuesdays!  So its the start of a new academic year soon and I can almost predict what many Home Economic teachers will be teaching, wait for it . . .

classroom rules, safety and hygiene.

I am not at all saying these topics are unimportant, but have you ever thought of doing something different!

Get out of the box.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Demonstrate a practical lesson e.g. fruit salad, fruit crumble, a salad and pitta
  • Demonstrate some knife skills.  The bridge hold and claw grip chopping up fruit for them to taste
  • A pricing activity where they look up ingredients from a recipe then cost it out
  • Scramble an egg then show them how to use the hob and other parts of the cooker

Think out of the box and do something different for your first lesson.  Make it memorable not typical.

Make your Kitchen Your Classroom.  I dare you!




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