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Are you a Food Teacher struggling to find time planning Lessons?

Are you a School in desperate need of a Food Teacher?


What if you had easy access to a complete 12 Module Program Online, that teaches the Curriculum Content for you?


Your Kitchen is Your Classroom is a new Program of 12 Video Modules covering the Curriculum Content in all Food Subjects including,

1.  Food Preparation and Nutrition

2. Home Economics and

3. Health Food and Technology 

The 12 Modules are packed with colourful imagery, tasks, activities and questions to engage your learners.  All recipes are delicious, tasty Vegan and Plant-Based. 

Hi there!

I’m Caroline and I’ve taught Food and Nutrition for over 15 years and was an AQA Examiner for 4 years.  I know what it’s like to clean and tidy up after a Food Lesson, then use and loose your break and lunch-times planning for the next lesson.  does this sound like you?

I love teaching, but I learned very quickly that I disliked certain aspects of the job.  There was not enough time in class to cover content and I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed at the end of the day. I wrote a series of Online Lessons for a class then used it in many other classes and realised, this is it!  It worked so well, it was efficient, less stressful, no need for endless photocopying for every student and I got back my time!

In 2016 I made a decision that I was going to put all my Lessons online to support other Food Teachers and even Parents that Homeschool.  I had no idea how to go about it, but to make a very long story short, I’ve done all the work so you don’t have to, I’ve had countless stressful experiences so you don’t need to be.  I developed this Program to ACCELERATE teaching, learning and results.

Do I need any major technical capability?

When you access the Program you just Login, press Play and get started with your Lessons.  


Why did I create this Program?

1.  To save paper.  No or less need fo endless photocopying of sheets and workbooks for every student in every class. 

2.  To have it Online to save time.  When I decided to ‘leave’ teaching I wanted to make all my Lessons available online for other Food Teachers and Parents that are Homeschooling.  I understand it takes a long while to produce quality lessons with tasks, questions etc. This Program has all the Lesson content done for you!  All the Modules have several Lessons with video, audio and colourful visuals.  Each Module builds upon the previous. 

3.  To promote Self-education.  You may know of people who are self-taught in a language, trade, instrument, a craft, technical skill, etc, well that’s Self-Education and its growing as it teaches independent learning, like Homeschoolers, who can work at their own pace.  While writing this I learnt about a relative of mine in the US who self-taught himself to play 4 different instruments exceptionally well and he’s only 15 years old!  A 50 minute Music Lesson in school cannot achieve that.  Education needs to change and it is changing!

4.  It accelerates teaching learning and results.  The old methods are not working and things need to change in education whether we like it or not.  Let’s be honest not much has changed for decades.  Children are learning so much faster than ever before because of technology methods, so let’s use them in our classrooms to accelerate teaching which can produce results faster.

5.  To support parents that Homeschool.  Before covid I was reading articles and documents on the rise in Homeschooling.  Reasons include, children were being bullied at school and parents are concerned for their safety.  The morals, values and ethics of some families are being challenged.  Families that live in remote area prefer to Homeschool their children and it often works out cheaper.  More teachers are choosing to teach online because of poor behaviour in schools, experiences of racism, bullying from staff, lack of support and the list goes on.  Also, some students learn faster online, and are more attentive and disciplined to self-educate.  I know this Program is for not everyone and thats fine, as I would only want to accept the right people for this Program. 

6.  To encourage teaching more vegan and plant-based recipes and unfamiliar ingredients to students for lifelong learning which can help to reduce childhood obesity, diabetes type 2 and other health problems cause by poor eating habits.  I am in no way forcing anyone to become vegan as I believe in the freedom of choice.


How long can I have this Program?

It’s yours to keep!  Module 1 will be sent to you at the start date, then you will receive a Module a month and have full, lifelong access to all 12 Modules!

What is the price of this Program?

The price is a fraction of a teacher’s annual salary!   Many schools cannot find a specialist food teacher, so a non-specialist who is covering the subject can use this Program in Schools.  You will in fact be saving money!  If you go through the Lessons in the 1st Module and feel it’s not for you, you can cancel up to 14 days and receive a full refund and you get to keep the 1st Module!  However, if you change your mind and want to come back you will have to pay the full price.  That’s why we arrange a call before you purchase, to make sure you are a right fit for this Program that will benefit you and your students. 

People who pay, pay attention!


Why only Vegan and Plant-based recipes?

To encourage more teachers and parents to teach more healthy eating through cooking.  There are so many ingredients that are still unfamiliar to students, like quinoa, millet and what can be made with them and I have some wonderful, tasty recipes that I would love to share!  This is the only Program that covers the curriculum content using only Vegan and Plant Recipes!   These recipes will be high in fibre, grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables.  


What will happen if I don't buy this Program?

Well you have two choices, you can contact me by filling out the Application Pages below, return them them to me and we’ll get on a call to see if you are a good fit for this Program, or you can  go back to to doing what you’ve always done, but you’ll be in the same position as you are now and it will be costly for you and time consuming.  I’m sure you have several textbooks that you spend hours preparing lessons from and you will keep using up your free time.  This Program is a product and a service to Food Teachers and Parents from me, because I’ve been there and I’ve done all the work for you.  

My Private FaceBook Group will be open soon where I will provide support, where you can post your questions, share recipes and I will run my Cooking with Caroline practicals there.  

When can I start?

The first Module will be sent on Tuesday 18th May 2021!  Get in early and you will receive free updates, and gifts, only for the first 20.

Here’s the content for Module 1.

Objectives: Understand the importance of safety and hygiene.  Be able to identify potential hazards.  Be able to operate a cooker safely and understand food storage.  

Lesson 1 – Hygiene:  Personal, Food and Kitchen hygiene

Lesson 2 – Safety: Potential hazards in the kitchen

Lesson 3 – Your Cooker: How to operate both gas and electric cookers, cleaning and their safe use of them.

Lesson 4 – Washing-up: Reading a recipe, how to wash up orderly and safely.

Lesson 5 – Weighing and Measuring: Equipment used to measure foods, scales, measuring jugs, handy measures, measuring spoons and cups.

Lesson 6 – Food Storage: Where to store foods.  Ambient foods, foods to freeze and to refrigerate.  The temperatures of fridge and freezer.

Get ahead with 1 Module a month of curriculum content and more.  Remember, you have 14 days to cancel, but if you come back you will have to pay the full non-discounted price, so get in early as I can only take 20 places.  These Modules can accelerate teaching and results.


Pilot Early bird sign up

Module 1 begins Tuesday May 18th 2021

Sign up now.  Places are limited so be one of the 20 to get my pilot Program at a massive discount!  We need to make sure you are a right fit for my Program. 

1.   Click on the link HERE and fill out the parent or teacher Application Pages.

2.   Return to me and you will hear from me within 24-48 hours.

3.  I’ll schedule a 15 minute call or zoom.

You’ll receive Module 1 and remember you have 14 days to ask for a refund and you get to keep the first Module!  You have nothing to loose.  If you can’t wait contact me on the email below.

I want to empower Teachers to make their Kitchen their Classroom!

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