Wake up For Breakfast!

Do you have children or students that don’t have breakfast?

Do you want to transform how they wake up for breakfast?

Here’s a problem I once encountered and I did something about it

I once worked at a school where I saw a lot of students eating some kind of junk food on their arrival to school.  I had students who walked into my classes looking like they were tired and they were tired.  I knew they were not going to be attentive and give their best.

I had my suspicions as to the cause of this lethargy, but decided to investigate further.  In different classes I would ask my students by the show of their hands, who had breakfast this morning?, then I would ask, who has a TV in their bedrooms?  The number of hands that went up surprised me, yet it did not, as it confirmed my suspicions.

Over the next few months, in my own time, I wrote my first online Program called ‘Wake up for Breakfast’.  I looked at the reasons why so many students don’t have a healthy, sustainable breakfast each morning.  Most of my findings came from the multiple discussions in class, research and a lot of reading.  

Here are my 6 Lessons:

  1.  A typical morning before school
  2. Why don’t children wake up for breakfast?
  3. Ideas and Solutions
  4. Breakfast Benefits part 1
  5. Breakfast Benefits part 2
  6. Technology and Social impacts

So here’s my offer . . .

  1. The Program has 6 video Lessons, so all you do is press Play.  You can still interject your own teaching methods and ideas of course.
  2. It will eliminate stress because if you don’t have time to prepare some Lessons, this is all done for you!
  3. It is a mere £27 and it’s yours to keep forever!  You can use it as a mini project, or a series of Lessons to use in many of your classes.

As a BONUS I’ve added some vegan, plant based breakfast recipes that I used in my classes as a demo or a practical lesson.



Also, are you a Food Teacher struggling with planning Lessons? A Parent that Homeschools in need to quality Lessons?

Food Teachers are in great demand and there are many schools having difficulty finding one.

I am the only Food teacher that provides 12 online Modules that covers curriculum content in Food Preparation and Nutrition, HFT and Home Economics content.  I use tasty Vegan and Plant recipes with lots of veggies, grains and fruits.

Send me an email at Support@ykyc.org and I’ll show you a live Lesson sample via Zoom!

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