Wake up For Breakfast!

Do your students have breakfast?

If not, why not?  If yes, what do they eat?


Have you ever had this experience? 

Like you, I’m sure you’ve come across students who did not eat a healthy breakfast before school.  They looked tired and were inattentive in class. 

This lethargy meant they could not produce their best work so I wanted to help them decided to do something about it.  After multiple discussions in many of my classes and demos, I created my first online Course called ‘Wake up for Breakfast’. 

This is ideal for an ongoing project.  All the work is done for you and I’ve added PDF’s!  

Here are my 7 Lessons with timings.

Introduction                                                                    1:59

  1.  A typical morning before school                            1:55     
  2. Why don’t children wake up for breakfast?         2:52
  3. Ideas and Solutions                                                    10:35
  4. Breakfast Benefits part 1                                           3:25
  5. Breakfast Benefits part 2                                          2:47
  6. Technology and Social impacts                              4:51
  7.  Vegan and Plant Based recipes to wake up to 7:52

So here’s my offer.  For a mere £37 you get immediate access to Introduction Lesson AND . . .

  • 7 online video Lessons
  • 6 new PDF’s of Tasks and Activities for each Lesson and
  • A downloadable PDF Activity Booklet with vegan and plant-based recipes.  All yours to keep forever and to use over and over again for all your classes.  

It will save you hours in lesson planning, in designing and photocopying endless sheets for your students.  I’ve done it all for you!



Are you a Food Teacher struggling with planning Lessons? A Parent that Homeschools in need of quality Lessons?

Food Teachers are in great demand and there are many schools having difficulty finding one.

I am the only Food Teacher that has created 12 online Modules that covers curriculum content in Food Preparation and Nutrition, HFT and Home Economics, using tasty Vegan and Plant recipes with lots of veggies, grains and fruits.

Send me an email at Support@ykyc.org for a sample viewing on Zoom!

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