Your kitchen is Your Classroom

It’s your kitchen so use it!

I came up with the phrase, ‘Your Kitchen is Your Classroom’ after having many bad experiences while teaching in the school system in the UK.  I got frustrated with negative colleagues who tried to put me in a box.  I don’t do boxes! There are countless ways to teach.  So long as I was covering the curriculum, even enhancing it as one positive teacher told me, then I can add more content to it if I so choose!  That was how I was taught while I was doing my teacher training, but in the school system, it was not that easy!  So I decided to put my materials that I’ve produced over the years into an Online Course and share it with like-minded teachers.  Being a vegetarian since I was at school I’m only using recipes from the Earth.

Why Plant-Based? 

My favourite subject at school was Biology and my favourite topic in Biology (and still is) the Digestive System.  I was just fascinated with these lessons and had an epiphany one day.  We were learning about the different organs in the body and then I realised that I am made of meat, yes meat!  Let me explain. My Caribbean mother at the time cooked liver, kidneys, oxtail, fish as well as chicken and beef.  I realised that I was eating the organs of animals that I also had!  I remember running home telling my mother what I had learnt in class, especially about the kidneys and liver.  She was interested and stopped cooking animal organs!  I made a conscious decision to avoid all meats and later I stopped eating fish. My interest in nutrition and cooking vegetarian/vegan recipes was instant!

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