Your kitchen is Your Classroom

It’s your kitchen so use it!

I use my creative imagination and teaching methods to assist schools and parents, accelerate  learning and results for their students/children.   

My Online Program comes from my Lessons of teaching in schools, and I only use vegan and plant based recipes. 

Why Plant-Based? 

My favourite subject at school was Human Biology and my favourite topic (and still is) the Digestive System.  We were learning about the different organs in the body and I had an epiphany, that I am made of meat, yes meat!  My Caribbean mother at the time cooked liver, kidneys, oxtail, fish, chicken and beef!  I realised that I was eating the organs of animals that I also had!  I remember running home telling my mother what I had learnt in class, especially about the kidneys and liver.  She was interested and stopped cooking animal organs!  I immediately stopped eating all meats then later fish.  So my interest in foods, nutrition and cooking vegetarian/vegan recipes propelled!  Oh, not to mention all the benefits of eating Plant-Based foods.

Are you struggling with planning Food Lessons?

Is your Food Dept. under-equipped with staff and resources?

Do you believe you can accelerate teaching, learning and results with online curriculum content?

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