Your kitchen is Your Classroom

It’s your kitchen so use it!

I came up with the phrase, ‘Your Kitchen is Your Classroom’ after having many bad experiences while teaching in the school system in the UK.  I got frustrated with negative colleagues who tried to put me in a box.  I don’t do boxes! There are countless ways to teach.  So long as I was covering the curriculum, even enhancing it as one positive teacher told me, then I can add more content to it if I so choose!  That was how I was taught while I was doing my teacher training, but in the school system, it was not that easy!  So I decided to put my materials that I’ve produced over the years into an Online Course and share it with like-minded teachers.  Being a vegetarian since I was at school I’m only using recipes from the Earth.

Why Plant-Based? 

My favourite subject at school was Biology and my favourite topic in Biology (and still is) the Digestive System.  I was just fascinated with these lessons and had an epiphany one day.  We were learning about the different organs in the body and then I realised that I am made of meat, yes meat!  Let me explain. My Caribbean mother at the time cooked liver, kidneys, oxtail, fish as well as chicken and beef.  I realised that I was eating the organs of animals that I also had!  I remember running home telling my mother what I had learnt in class, especially about the kidneys and liver.  She was interested and stopped cooking animal organs!  I made a conscious decision to avoid all meats and later I stopped eating fish. My interest in nutrition and cooking vegetarian/vegan recipes was instant!

Have a Question? Want More Info?  If you don't want to just acquire knowledge to pass your exam, but want to have an understanding of Food and Nutrition for lifelong purposes, you have an interest in helping to change people in your community to help reduce childhood obesity, diabetes and other food related health problems, then book a call and let's talk.
















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