Your kitchen is Your Classroom

It’s your kitchen so use it!

I use my creative imagination and teaching methods to assist schools and parents, accelerate  learning and results for their students/children.   

My Online Program comes from my Lessons of teaching in schools, and I only use vegan and plant based recipes. 

Why Plant-Based? 

My favourite subject at school was Biology and my favourite topic in Biology (and still is) the Digestive System.  I was just fascinated with these lessons and had an epiphany one day.  We were learning about the different organs in the body and then I realised that I am made of meat, yes meat!  Let me explain. My Caribbean mother at the time cooked liver, kidneys, oxtail, fish as well as chicken and beef.  I realised that I was eating the organs of animals that I also had!  I remember running home telling my mother what I had learnt in class, especially about the kidneys and liver.  She was interested and stopped cooking animal organs!  I immediately stopped eating all meats and later fish.  My interest in foods, nutrition and cooking vegetarian/vegan recipes propelled!

Are you a parent looking for a Plant-Based Food Teacher?  Are you a Food Teacher or School and would like to have all your Curriculum Lessons done for you? Would you like to reignite your joy for teaching? 

Accelerate teaching, learning and results.  

Get in contact and let's talk.

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