Hello Food Teachers and Parents that Homeschool.

We all know that a healthy breakfast in the mornings is ideal, so why do children snack on their way to school?  I’ve seen children eating doughnuts, crisps, chocolate on their way to school and my most hated scenario, students, usually boys drinking a so-called- ‘energy’ drink!

It’s a challenge as there are so many foods and drinks available and targeted at young teens.  I would tell my students that these companies don’t care about your health they just want your money, so why give it to them at the expense of our health?  It got them thinking and we had some great group discussions.

I go through this in my ‘Wake up for Breakfast’ Course.  It’s all done for you, just press click on the link!  You can take a Lesson to teach or use the whole Course as an ongoing project.  You’re the Teacher, you decide.  PDF’s also available.