Hello Food Teachers, you missed 2 posts from me because there was a glitch in my site so they didn’t send.  Well I’ll just continue as before.

How can you teach without planning lessons?  Well, get someone to do them for you!  I create Online Courses in the Food and Nutrition school curriculums and Plant -Based Cookery Courses, so I’ve merged my two loves.  I’m offering my first course I ever created called ‘Wake up for Breakfast’ and you can get immediate access here.  It’s open for a limited time at £37!  Copy the link below, paste it into a new browser and at the top you will see Breakfast Course.   

There are 7 Lessons with over 20 minutes of content that you can use over and over again in as many of your classes as you choose.  There is also a PDF booklet that you can use and some plant-based recipe ideas that I used in my Lessons.  Also, at the end of each Lesson I’ve added some tasks that my students enjoyed.

Alternatively, you can go back to going through text books, getting the office to photocopy endless sheets and workbooks, then you still have to plan your Lessons!  My Course will save you weeks of work and your break-times!


Open the link below to get immediate access and it’s yours to keep forever!