Ok, so let me first say that I love teaching but I didn’t always like my job!  What do I mean?  Well, it’s simple, I love teaching and had been teaching way before I became a qualified and certified teacher.  I used to teach at my church Bible classes from a child into early adulthood.  Somone watched me teaching a class of youth.  We were doing a quiz and everyone was engaged having fun, though it was my secret goal that they learn about Jesus and the Bible in a fun way.

After the class, the person said to me, ‘you should go into teaching’.  At the time I was interested in being a Home Economist for a Food magazine and was doing self-arranged free work with Bella magazine, Good Housekeeping and BBC Vegetarian.  I had actually got one of my Mother’s recipes published!  No one was leaving so no vacancies were coming up and my money was running low.  

I remmebered what the person told me so looked into teaching.  As they say, the rest is history.  I studied at Goldsmiths University for my PGCE in Design and Technology, specialising in Food and Textiles.  I couldn’t wait to teach!

Well it didn’t take long before I felt trapped in my job.  I was one of the first to get a job while doing my PGCE because there were very few Food teachers around.  Our Tutor told my friend and I that we were 2 of only 15 in England and Wales that got their qualification that year!  

Teaching became easy for me, though I had no idea there would be so many administrative tasks and duties, espeically last minute ones and I began to feel overwhelmed.  There’s alot I can write about that, but I’m sure alot of teachers know what I’m talking about.  That was the ‘I didn’t always like my job’ part.  

One of my biggest problems, was dealing with colleagues and heads of department who would tell me ‘I can’t do this or that because it’s not on the curriculum’.  They wanted me to be put in a box and I don’t do boxes!  Boxes are limiting.  What was wrong with teaching more than what was on the curriculum?  Isn’t schools about education?  I believe in teaching over and above a curriculum.  Education is about life-long learning.  Again I could write alot on my this.

Years later, after many bad experiences, though as I said I love teaching, I came up with the phrase ‘it’s my kitchen and my classroom’.  Our fantastic, forward thinking tutor we had at Goldmiths, told us the classroom is your domain, like your office so learn to delvelop your own way of teaching.  He also taught us that we don’t have to follow the script in the curriculum.  Unfortunately, the schools I worked at were not so open minded and I sturggled.

So here today, writing Modules and Lessons for teachers, and parents that Homeshool/Educate, I remembered the phrase hence the website name.  This was my experience so please don’t get offended if yours was different.  So long as you cover the curriculum there is nothing wrong with adding and enhancing it with your own knowledge, experience, recipes, etc.  I also, believe the kitchen is a great place to learn and is a classroom whether we know it or not!  Students are not to be used to teach only curriculum material to pass an exam and become a statistic for schools and the government.  Just saying!





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