Not knowing I would become a Food Teacher one day, I want to and have to give honour to my late Mother of Jamaican roots who raised 8 children, all of which all my sisters and I can owe our cooking skills to.  My dad taught my 3 brothers carpentry, car mechanics, painting and decorating and building, the man stuff!

Our Mother cooked Caribbean dishes such as rice ‘n peas, pumpkin ‘n rice (which was my favourite), callaloo, bami, sweet potato and cornmeal pudding, various stews, soups and much more.  My mouth is watering right now thinking of the many meals she cooked us with the sweet, though mostly savoury aromas coming from the kitchen, which would often cause us to run inside to see how long it would be before we ate!

I often hung around the kitchen observing our Mother cooking and I would often ask if I could help, so from a young age around 8 or 9 years of age, I would help her chop up onions, pop peas from their pods, scale fish, fry dumplings, knead bread and much more.

Over the years I become more confident in the kitchen and my love for cooking grew over the years and I taught classes and demos at church events, and ran some community cookery classes.  I attended international events and voluntarily worked at the vegan restaurant in London, Country Life and in Alabama, USA, when I first travelled there.  I owe this love I have for cooking and creating recipes to my late Mother Hattie Louise Gayle. x x x