The ONLY ONLINE Program in Food and Nutrition for Teachers in Schools and Parents that Homeschool, using only Vegan and Plant Recipes!


Your Kitchen is Your Classroom!

Complete your Curriculum content in 9 or 12 months!

I really believe Online Teaching and Self-Education is the new norm.  For years, like many teachers I’ve used slides in my lessons to teach avoiding endless photocopying for every student.  Other teachers didn’t like what I as doing, but my students enjoyed the slides I created!  We had fun, memorable and engaging lessons.  I’m putting all my Lessons and more that will cover the Curriculum for many Food Subjects into 12 Video Modules!  Parents that Home School and Schools can benefit from my Lessons, as they will Accelerate teaching, learning and results!  

Hi, I’m Caroline

I’m an Educator of Food Preparation and Nutrition, Home Economics, Health and Wellbeing.  I’ve been a school teacher in the UK for over 15 years and an Examiner fo r 4 years.  I now focus on teaching online and providing a service for Teachers, Schools and also Parents that HOMESCHOOL.  My modules have videos with vibrant, colourful images to make learning memorable.  It will save you TIME because all the Lessons are done for you and will ACCELERATE results in your teaching! 

Oh, and all our recipes are Vegan and Plant-Based, teaching healthier lifestyle recipes in schools and families.

What I Do

Your Kitchen is Your Classroom

‘Your Kitchen is Your Classroom’ is an Online Program which comprises of 12 Modules that covers Curriculum content in Food Subjects taught in High/Secondary Schools.

The content can be used to assist your teaching, with no need to photocopy endless worksheets and booklets for every student.   I want to give more content and value to the subject, because children are not a statistic for schools nor the government. This subject is for lifelong learning not just for an exam!

I run practicals teaching Vegan and Plant-Based Cookery and skills.


After each Module there are online questions, tasks and PEQs, (Past Exam Questions) with support throughout.  

This Program can help Newly Qualified Teachers as well as the more experienced.  It’s all done for you!

Are you a Food Teacher in the UK or abroad? Do you struggle to find the time to plan lessons? Are you a parent who Homeschools and are looking for resources in Food and Nutrition?  Would you like a set a Modules that covers the Curriculum to keep forever?

12 Modules




Are you a parent looking for a Plant-Based Food Teacher?  Are you a Food Teacher or School and would like to have all your Curriculum Lessons done for you? Would you like to reignite your joy for teaching? 

Accelerate teaching, learning and results.  

Get in contact and let's talk.

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