DO YOU want to complete your GCSE Food Curriculum ONLINE?

Want to learn creative, healthy and tasty PLANT-BASED cooking with RECIPES from the EARTH?

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Your Kitchen is Your Classroom!

The ONLY ONLINE Self-Education Course teaching the GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition Curriculum the Plant-Based way!

Complete your Curriculum content in 9 months or less!

My Course covers the Curriculums for OCR, AQA, WJEC and SQA in food subjects like GCSE FOOD PREPARATION & NUTRITION, HOME ECONOMICS, HEALTH & WELLBEING or similar.  You will receive a MODULE (or 2) each MONTH with tasks to complete.  Attend our monthly Q and A Sessions on our PRIVATE FB GROUP as we will go through PEQ’s (past exam questions) and much more.

Hi, I’m Caroline

I’m an Educator of Food Preparation and Nutrition, Home Economics, Health and Wellbeing.  I’ve been a school teacher in the UK for over 15 years and stopped eating meat and fish as a result of a Biology lesson when I was at school!  I want to work with parents that HOMESCHOOL their children and FOOD TEACHERS, providing ONLINE Lesson Resources that covers the UK’s CURRICULUM.  It will save you TIME with my ready designed Online Slides Oh, and ALL our recipes are PLANT-BASED for a healthier lifestyle.

What I Do

Service #1


The ‘Your Kitchen is Your Classroom‘ is an Online Course which comprises of 12 Modules covering the GCSE Curriculum in Food Preparation and Nutrition and can also be used to teach similar food subjects taught in schools across the UK such as Home Economics.  At the end of each Module there are set tasks, quizzes, and past exam questions (PEQs).  There are live and recorded practicals teaching Plant Based Cookery and skills.  These Modules can help the newly qualified teacher, parents that homeschool and Food Teachers in schools worldwide.

Service #2 

Teach the Teacher 

I run a 7 Hour Training Course for Primary Teachers who want to introduce and teach healthy, creative and tasty Plant Based recipes to their 8-11 year old students.  It can be run over 3 Days after school or a 1 Full Day training. There is an online 35 question ‘Test’ to complete. then you will receive your Box of Materials which includes worksheets, recipes and kitchen Equipment to be used in Your Classroom!  Post support is also provided.

Service #3


NEWSTART is an acronym and I’ve made Keynote Slides and a workbook on all the 8 topics for teaching this program.  More to come!








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Have a Question? Want More Info?  If you don't want to just acquire knowledge to pass your exam, but want to have an understanding of Food and Nutrition for lifelong purposes, you have an interest in helping to change people in your community to help reduce childhood obesity, diabetes and other food related health problems, then book a call and let's talk.
















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