The ONLY ONLINE Self-Education Course teaching GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition Curriculum CONTENT the Plant-Based way!


Your Kitchen is Your Classroom!

Complete your Curriculum content in 9 or12 months!

My Course covers the Curriculums for OCR, AQA, WJEC and SQA in food subjects like GCSE FOOD PREPARATION & NUTRITION, HOME ECONOMICS, HEALTH & WELLBEING or similar.  You will receive a MODULE each MONTH with tasks to complete.  Weekly  support and Q and A Sessions on our PRIVATE FaceBook GROUP. 

Hi, I’m Caroline

I’m an Educator of Food Preparation and Nutrition, Home Economics, Health and Wellbeing.  I’ve been a school teacher in the UK for over 15 years.  I teach online and love what I do, providing a service to parents that HOMESCHOOL their children and FOOD TEACHERS.  I have condensed the GCSE UK Food CURRICULUM into 12 Modules!  All my videos are vibrant and colourful making learning memorable.  It will save you TIME and will ACCELERATE results!  Oh, and ALL our recipes are PLANT-BASED for a healthier lifestyle.

What I Do

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Your Kitchen is Your Classroom

‘Your Kitchen is Your Classroom’ is an Online Program which comprises of 12 Modules covering the GCSE Curriculum in Food Preparation and Nutrition. 

The content can be used to teach similar food subjects taught in UK schools and abroad, such as GCSE Home Economics.  I give more value and content to the subject, because children are not a statistic for schools and the government.  I teach for lifelong learning not just for an exam!

There are live and recorded practicals teaching Plant Based Cookery and skills.  


After each Module there are questions, tasks and PEQs, (Past Exam Questions) with support throughout.  

This Program can help Newly Qualified Teachers as well as the more experienced.  It’s all done for you!

Are you a parent who Homeschools and looking for resources?  Look no further!  This Program promotes Self-Education.  Your child can get on with the work and receive support from our Private Facebook Group where students are put into small classes.



In all our practicals we use tasty, creative, Plant-Based recipes.

We need to help bring awareness to the many health problems affecting students such as Childhood Obesity, and Type 2 Diabetes, including certain Cancers.  





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Have a Question? Want More Info?  If you don't want to just acquire knowledge to pass your exam, but want to have an understanding of Food and Nutrition for lifelong purposes, you have an interest in helping to change people in your community to help reduce childhood obesity, diabetes and other food related health problems, then book a call and let's talk.
















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