School Vs Homeschool

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Hello, it’s Caroline here from Your Kitchen is Your Classroom, where we provide online curriculum content as a resource to teach Food and Nutrition to children, at school or for homeschool.

Since the covid lockdown there’s been an increase in the numbers of parents that have opted to homeschool their children.

I am not going to tell you what to do, but consider the following . . .

Read the book ‘Dumbing us Down’ by John Taylor Gatto. This book can educate you on the education system.  As a teacher frustrated by the system, we the teachers have so many great suggestions, but often they fall on deaf ears.  I’ve tried and I know many other teachers have.

Here are some benefits . . .

You can create your own timetable.

You can travel with your children.

You could save on travel to and from school and school uniforms.

You can teach your own code of ethics and values.

You can teach them to become independent thinkers.

My online curriculum resource in the UK GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition is a wonderful resource where you can accelerate your teaching, learning and potential results.

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